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Annual Student Research Symposium

The 2020 Annual Student Research Symposium has been cancelled (and will not be rescheduled)!

Due to the cancellation of the 2020 Symposium, the following student submission requirements are due on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. These submissions will be available for viewing on the OSGC website.

Symposium Submission Requirements
Please email your PDF presentations in this format: "John_Smith.pdf".

All Students
Written Report (as a Word file)
Click here to submit Report.

All Community College, Education and Junior Scholars
Copy of Your Poster (in PDF format)
Click here to submit Poster.

All Fellows and Senior Scholars
Copy of Your PowerPoint Presentation (in PDF format)
Click here to submit PowerPoint Presentation.

When you select Click here, your browser will open up a new email window with the address, osgc@oai.org.

Senior Scholarship and Graduate Fellowship Recipients
Senior Scholarship and Graduate Fellowship recipients will deliver oral presentations using PowerPoint (15 minutes maximum which includes a Question and Answer session). Presentations are to be submitted ahead of time.

Click here to view Senior Scholarship and Graduate Fellowship Requirements.
Click here to view a Sample Senior Scholarship Report.
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Click here to view all reports from the 2019 Student Research Symposium Proceedings XXVII.

Junior, Community College, and Education Scholarship Recipients
Junior, Community College, and Education Scholarship recipients will prepare posters illustrating their research projects/lesson plans and field questions during the Poster Session. Posters are to be prepared ahead of time. Please make sure your name and university are listed on the poster (top right corner).

Click here to view Junior, Community College, and Education Scholarship Requirements.
Click here to view a Sample Junior Scholarship Report.
Click here to view a Sample Community College Scholarship Report.
Click here to view a Sample Education Scholarship Report.
Click here to view all reports from the 2019 Student Research Symposium Proceedings XXVII.

Student Research Presentations

Click on the link below each student's name to view their research presentation.


Erin M. Tesny, Master’s 2, Mechanical Engineering, Cleveland State University
Design of a Heat Exchanger for Intense Cooling of Inlet Bleed Air at High Mach Numbers

Rachel E. Evans, Master’s 1, Mechanical Engineering, Wright State University
Thermal Modeling of Coordinated Multi-Beam Additive Manufacturing

Shane T. Kosir, Master’s 1, Chemical Engineering, University of Dayton
A Machine Learning Framework for Drop-in Volume Swell Characteristics of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Collin J. O'Neill, Master’s 1, Aerospace Engineering, The Ohio State University
Active Flow Control in a Compact High-Speed Inlet/Diffuser Model

Katherine C. Opacich, Master’s 1, Aerospace Engineering, University of Dayton
An Investigation on Kernel Growth Variations between Conventional Spark Discharges and Nanosecond-Pulsed High-Frequency Discharges​

Junior and Senior Scholarships

The University of Akron
Mikayla L. Aowad, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
Behavior of Sandwich Core Under Extreme Temperature Conditions

Niccolo D. Lemonis, Senior, Electrical Engineering
High Temperature, Flexible, Piezoelectric Transducers Based on Nylon-11 Nanowires

Baldwin Wallace University
Delenn R. Hartswick, Junior, Neuroscience/Psychology
Exploring the Link between Prenatal Hormone Exposure and Sex-Specific Neuroanatomy in a Rat Model

Sarah M. Shapley, Senior, Neuroscience and Biology
Effects of a PADI2 Inhibitor During Zebrafish Myelination

Patrick G. Woller, Senior, Neuroscience and Biology
Aquaporin-4 Distribution Correlates to Increase In Tau Accumulation in Sprague Dawle Rats Fed a High Fructose Diet

Case Western Reserve University
Joel A. Hauerwas, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Development of Flapping Winged Micro Air Vehicle Control Systems

Cedarville University
Brevin F. Henninger, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
3D-Printed Poly (lactic acid) Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine

Sara A. Mitchell, Junior, Geology
Investigations of Radiohalos from the Galway Batholith in Ireland

Reese J. Watkins, Senior, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Characterization of the Effects of Aging on the THP-1 Human Monocyte Cell Line

Central State University
Stuart W. J. Dixon, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering

Kirshaun D. Francis, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering
Designing an Autonomous Solar Tracker

Briana A. Wilson, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering

University of Cincinnati
Karlee D. Birchfield, Junior, Aerospace Engineering
Thermal Analysis of Laser Powder Bed Fusion using Finite Element Modeling

Jacob O. Gamertsfelder, Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Injector Dynamics and Atomization Behaviors of Liquid Monopropellants in Pintle Injectors

Lynn K. Pickering, Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Genetic Fuzzy based Tetris Player

Cleveland State University
Marola W. Issa, Senior, Chemical Engineering
Active Particle Dynamics at Interfaces

Stephen M. Matz, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Channel Detection and Synchronization in Ultra-Wideband Communication Systems

University of Dayton
Katrina A. Coleman, Senior, Industrial Engineering Technology

Christopher L. Hartnagel, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Polymerized Liquid Metal Network Characterization for Stretchable RF Devices

Faith A. Loughnane, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Effect of Airfoil-Preserved Undulations on Wing Performance

Kent State University
Adam J. Fertig, Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Thermal Investigation of sUAS Motors Under Varying Power Conditions

Alex J. Rosul, Senior, Geology
Using VPCA Spectral Decomposition to Analyze Optical Components Off the USVI and BVI with Sentinel 3A/B OLCI

Hayley D. Shasteen, Senior, Molecular and Cellular Biology and Psychology
The Role of Sunlight Exposure in Tasks of Inhibition in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Marietta College
Victoria L. Clarchick, Junior, Petroleum Engineering
BelleFlex Dehydrator and the Efficiency of Phase Separation

Johnathan L. Kungle, Senior, Petroleum Engineering
Alternatives to Decommissioning Offshore Infrastructure

Miami University
Owen C. Brown, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Chemical Signature of Cured Epoxy Fracture Surfaces

Taylor W. Mason, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Evaluating the Effect of Electrode Configuration in Electrostatic Actuators for Increasing the Intensity of Vibrotactile Feedback

Dylan Z. Shumway, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Ohio Northern University
William A. Deisler, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
Modeling Liquid Propellant Rocket Nozzle Using MATLAB and SolidWorks

Joseph W. Mileski, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Direct Numerical Simulation of Cavity Flow

Zane R. Myers, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
Drone Equipped Temperature Probing Hardware (DEPTH)

The Ohio State University
Jacob M. Beardslee, Senior, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering
Screech Noise Modes in Supersonic Rectangular Twin Jets

Dustin T. Goetz, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
3D-Printed Electrochemical Cell for In-Situ Analysis

Mikala J. Malkus, Senior, Aerospace Engineering
An Application of Modal Decomposition to Supersonic Flow Over a Wall-Mounted Turret

Ohio University
Laura R. Jackam, Senior, Biological Sciences
The Effect of Type II Diabetes Mellitus on Bone Strength

The University of Toledo
Zachary J. Buchman, Senior, Electrical Engineering
An Investigation of Maximum Power Point Tracking for Space Applications

Austin C. Cox, Junior, Computer Science
The Importance of Video Games in Education

Cameron D. McCaskey, Junior, Electrical Engineering
Wireless Mesh Networking for Swarm Robotics

Wilberforce University
Alexandra D. Shealey, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Radar Design and Signal Processing

Alexis A. Shealey, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Radar Design and Signal Processing

Ty’Quan D. Smiley, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Design of a Scanning MEMS Based Lidar

Wright State University
Andrea Gomez-Carrillo, Senior, Biomedical Engineering
Combined fNIRS and EEG Probe for TBI Monitoring

Madison M. Jewell, Senior, Neuroscience
Effect of DNA methyltransferase inhibition on human DIPG cell lines in hypoxic conditions

Sara L. Walsh, Senior, Computer Science
Why Software Projects Fail

Youngstown State University
Grant A. Wagner, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Calibration of Optical Paints for Aerodynamic Testing

Reis L. Zandier, Senior, Chemical Engineering
The Detection of Cocaine via Physically Functionalized Carbon Nanotube-Sensors

Community College Scholarships

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
Brennan S. Eden, Sophomore, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology
Graphene Future Technologies

Ethan J. Fitter, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Technology
HAAS Stimulator

Roneishah S. Nixson, Sophomore, Chemical Technology
The Determination of Menthol in Pepperment Oil

Michelle M. Willoughby, Sophomore, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology
The Effectiveness of a Small Portable Solar Panel Set-up

Columbus State Community College
Shaun A. Bendele, Sophomore, Computer Science
Password Security

Jennifer A. Burk, Sophomore, Environmental Science, Safety, and Health
A Leachate and Strength Analysis of Fly Ash Enscapsulated by Cement

Liam J. Byrne, Sophomore, Construction Management
Healthier Road Construction

Grace A. Ciminillo Delamotte, Sophomore, Construction Management - Science
Comparative Study of Glulam-Members and Steel-Members Used In the Construction Field

Molly M. McCullough, Sophomore, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology
Future Advancements of Programmable Logic Controllers

Christopher F. Mitro, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Lakeland Community College
Bradley T. Gartner, Sophomore, Associate of Science - Engineering
Removing and Preventing Ocean Microplastics

Lorain County Community College
Sara A. Martin, Sophomore, Biology
Determining the Influence of a Novel Mutation Located in the C-terminal Cytoplasmic Domain of the CCR5 Gene on Infectivity of Primate Lentiviruses

Clayton R. Mastorovich, Sophomore, Chemistry
Our High School Guidance Counselor Ms. Owens’ Homemade Skunk Wine

Paul A. Warkentien, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering
Thermal Management Properties of 3D Printed Multi Materials for Aerospace Applications

Andrea L. Zirkle, Sophomore, Universal Science
Flavor Profile of Moonshine* Homemade from Apples and Double Distilled

Sinclair Community College
Brandon Lamar Dunson, Sophomore, Computer Engineering and Electronic Engineering
Small Business Promotion through Web Development

Stanley W. Roberts, Sophomore, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

Education Scholarships

Cedarville University
Rachelle E. Everswick, Junior, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Science
Relationships within Ecosystems

Central State University
Jordan A. Graves, Senior, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Life Science
Health and Wellness Testing Assessment

University of Cincinnati
Margaret A. Lorenz, Junior, Middle Childhood Education, Mathematics and Science
Our Solar System

Michael Kirby Slater, Senior, Middle Childhood Education, Mathematics and Science
Life-Size Scale of Our Solar System

Kent State University
Madison M. McBryer, Senior, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Integrated Science
Classifying Clouds through Inquiry

Ohio Northern University
Ethan A. Smith, Sophomore, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Integrated Science
Gravitropism: Growing Plants in Space

Youngstown State University
Elainie C. Huncik, Junior, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Integrated Science
Understanding and Comparing Stars

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